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Repair Policy


If you require work under the Brazen Sports warranty, please send to address below and include your timepiece with a copy of your sales receipt, along with a completed watch repair form. A check or money order payable to Precise Time in the amount of $45.00 as service and handling fee must be included for all warranty and repair services.

Without Warranty:

If your timepiece require repairs and your warranty has expired or does not exist, Brazen Sports may perform the services you request for a charge dependent on watch style and type of work requested. By requesting and accepting repairs absent warranty, you agree to our charges.

When shipping your timepiece back to the workshop, Brazen Sports highly recommends you insure your package and adequately protect the watch during shipment. Please do not send original packaging, as we cannot guarantee its return. Brazen Sports is not responsible for product lost or damaged during transit. You are responsible for shipping costs to Brazen Sports.

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Ship Repair to:

Precise Time- Brazen Sports
29222 Valley Bend Ct
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48331