About Brazen

Be Brazen: Reach Timeless Success     



Brazen Sports is American to its core. U.S. Engineered watches integrating Swiss Made excellence. Our brand is created to personify the spirit of sporting enthusiasts & highest quality of a sophisticated timepiece.

#bebrazen is a cultural experience. We proudly support U.S. Olympic athletes in marksmanship competitions, alongisde high performance Motorsports and endurance racing.



Brazen Sports is pursuit of timeless dreams. Brazen is personal passion in accomplishing the unknown. By design, a bold and memorable image to be admired by friends, family alike. 

We produce the highest of quality, unparalleled level of service, timeless value. Each guiding principle of our “BeBrazen” motto: Dream Big, Face Your Fears and Live a Brazen Lifestyle.




Precise vision

Brazen assembled an international team of designers and watchmakers, in an American-Swiss collaboration. The collection offers contemporary U.S. designs, rendered perfect by Swiss Made precision watchmaking. That is the dual hallmark of a Brazen Sports timepiece.


Be Brazen

Inspired timeless moments highlighting dedication, artistry and perfectionism that pushes individuals to excel at their dreams.